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Who’s Who in the Arab World

Who’s Who in the Arab World 2019-2020


From Morocco to Yemen, few geographical regions in the world are as culturally diverse, strategically important and volatile as the Middle East and North Africa. Who’s Who in the Arab World com- piles information on around 8,000 notable Arab individuals. Ad- ditionally, this publication provides you with historical background information on this influential region as well as comprehensive de- tails and analyses on each of the Arab states.

People, Power and Prestige in the Middle East - your source for reli- able information is found in Who’s Who in the Arab World.

In addition to the biographical coverage, this publication provides informed insights into Arab life, the Arab states, their historical roots and the various Arab cultures.

Part I: Biographical Section

This section sets out precise biographical de- tails on some 8,000 eminent individuals from every sphere of activity - royalty, politics, the diplomatic service, the military, administra- tion, science, legal professions, finance, arts, education, music, medicine, literature and the world of entertainment etc.

Part II: Surveys of the Arab Countries

In this section you can find details on the Arab countries in a matter of seconds. It gives you a country-by-country breakdown of the following subjects - geography, history, constitution, econ- omy and culture, containing information on:

  • head of state and political parties
  • addresses of embassies and consulates
  • important banking/financial institutions and transport facilities
  • universities and libraries
  • medical institutions
  • trading organizations, and the media
  • cultural and tourist centres.

Part III: Outline of the Arab World

the third section of Who’s Who in the Arab World takes a historical look at the development of the Arab World, the differences between the radi- cal factions, Arab languages, ancient cultures and religions. A series of essays illustrates the history of the Arabian gulf, the Early Arabs, the rise of Islam and of the Arab Empire, as well as the golden Age of the Arabs. It also documents the development of petroleum production.

Index of biographies by profession and by country

Indices by country and profession supplement the biographical section. A select bibliography of secondary literature on the Middle East is also included.

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