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Global Scrap Directory

Global Scrap Directory 2019


This new edition of the Global Scrap Directory has been thoroughly researched, to bring you a completely up-to-date guide to the world’s ever-changing recycling industry, scrap merchants, brokers and processors, works clearance and demolition companies, ship-breakers and dismantlers are being contacted right now!

If you do business at any point of the scrap supply chain, whether it be industrial scrap generation, merchandizing and brokering, equipment and plant supply, steel working, secondary ingot making, smelting and refining, fabrication or shipping or other service industries, or if you are looking to break into a new market segment, the Global Scrap Directory will provide you with all the information you need to make new contacts - and keep track of old ones - around the globe.

For just US$350.00 the Global Scrap Directory gives you instant access to a wealth of accurate information on over 1,500 companies.

Look at the wealth of information you’ll get in the Global Scrap Directory:

  • Full company contact details;
  • Web and Email address;
  • Names of key management personnel;
  • Locations of offices, branches, yards and processing operations;
  • Shipping facilities;
  • Subsidiary companies;
  • Company activities;
  • Materials/products handled – including all ferrous and non-ferrous items;
  • And there’s more...

You can access the exact information you require in a matter of a few seconds, using the detailed indexes:

  • Index to countries – lists companies by countries so you can find what you need from a specific country;
  • Alphabetical Index – lists companies alphabetically for to enable a quick location for a specific business contact;
  • Buyers Guide Index - lists companies by metal and country, giving their page number reference so you can flick straight to their listing in the directory. For example, under Aluminum in China, you’ll find a list of all companies who trade scrap Aluminum and are based in China, with their page number reference;

Need to find a supplier or buyer anywhere worldwide?

Access these companies instantly with The Global Scrap Directory!

All this for or just US$350.00, The Global Scrap Directory gives you instant access to a wealth of information.

6 Great Reasons to order your copy of the Global Scrap Directory today :

  • Save time : no need to search the Internet, all the information you need is in one handy guide;
  • Save money : by using a resourceful book that details all your business contacts activities;
  • Stay abreast of your industry – quickly and easily;
  • Source the right supplier/buyer by product by country instantly with the user-friendly A-Z Buyers guide;
  • Discover new business leads and grow your business;
  • Update your contact list from the most reliable source in the industry.

If you do business within any part of the scrap metals trade around the world, then this directory is a must-have for you. Where else will you find such a broad depth of both key contact and production information in one handy reference source?

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