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Major Pharmaceutical Companies

Major Pharmaceutical Companies 2020


Essential for those doing business in the global pharmaceutical and biotechnology market, this Directory covers the largest 1,000 major companies, providing essential business profiles of the international leaders in the industry. 

Entries typically provide: company name; address; telephone, telex and fax numbers; email and Web site addresses; names of senior management and board members including senior executives; description of business activities; brand names and trademarks; subsidiaries and associates; and more. 

Entries in this Directory typically provide: 

  • company name and address; 
  • telephone, fax numbers, email and website addresses; 
  • names of senior management and board members; 
  • description of business activities; 
  • brand names and trademarks; 
  • subsidiaries and associates; 
  • number of employees; 
  • and much more!

Key Facts:

  • Major 1,000 Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Companies profiled worldwide 4,000 names of senior management and board members.


  • Company name, address, telephone and fax numbers, email and web addresses
  • Description of business activities
  • Subsidiaries and associates
  • Number of employees
  • Principal shareholders and public/private status.

Benefits of the Directory:

  • Meticulously collated data from each company
  • Details mergers and acquisitions
  • Details divestments, major products and joint ventures.

Regions Covered:

  • Western, Central & Eastern Europe
  • CIS and Russia
  • North America
  • South & Central America
  • Middle East & North Africa
  • Africa
  • East, North, South East & South Asia incl. Japan
  • Australasia

This directory is indexed in three ways to make searching quick and easy. Indexes are listed alphabetically by country, alphabetically by company name and by business activity.

This Directory has been especially compiled to assist professionals with market research, strategic planning, as well as contacting prospective clients or suppliers. It is also an indispensable guide to all of the world's pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and key corporate decision makers!

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