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Global Scrap Directory
Global Scrap Directory 2018

Need to find a supplier or buyer anywhere worldwide? Access these companies instantly with The Global Scrap Directory!

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Global Stainless Steel Directory
Global Stainless Steel Directory 2018

The fully cross-referenced ‘Buyers Guide’ allows searching for a particular product by country. The index section lists key personnel in A-Z order, so you can go straight to your contact and company anywhere in the world. The abbreviation section is a handy source for terminology and is particularly useful to those who are new to the industry.

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Global Uranium Mining Directory
Global Uranium Mining Directory 2018

This exciting new Directory covers everything you need to know about world’s Uranium mining companies. Whether you are looking to source new sales leads, identify new investment opportunities or monitor the activities of your competitors, the Global Uranium Mining Directory is in invaluable reference resource.

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Metal Producers of the World Directory
Metal Producers of the World Directory 2018

The Indispensable guide to the global non-ferrous metal industry!
The Metal Producers of the World Directory is an invaluable guide for anyone wishing to source non-ferrous metals or ferro-alloy products anywhere in the world and locate trading contracts or identify new business opportunities.
The Directory guides the reader through 4000 companies around the globe specializing in the production of non-ferrous metals and ferro-alloys.

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North American Metals & Minerals Directory
North American Metals & Minerals Directory 2018

The new edition of the North American Metals & Minerals Directory has been comprehensively researched and prepared, to bring you a fully up-to-date guide to America’s rapidly growing metals and non-metallic industries. This Directory will be extremely useful to businesses that deal specifically with companies in the iron and steel, ferro-alloys, non-ferrous metals and industrial minerals.

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